Automated Assembly and Testing of Medical Devices

The medical sector is intent on miniaturizing its products in order to improve ease of use for human monitoring and treatment systems. At the same time, an ever-increasing number of smart functions and intelligent circuitry need to be integrated into the smallest possible space. Good examples of this are cartridges for in-vitro diagnostics, which enable quick tests without ever leaving the doctor's examination room; or blood pressure monitoring kits, which are also used for blood sample collection and infusions.

For manufacturers of medical devices, XENON offers a broad range of production technologies as well as individually tailored machine concepts, from semi-automations for small-batch production all the way to fully automated assembly lines. Our teams of experienced engineers work diligently to ensure that their automation designs are suitable for clean rooms and hygienic cleansing, and that production and testing data are well-documented and traceable. Our professional project managers are there to support you at every phase of the project. Open and transparent communication allows you to effectively safeguard the quality of your products and achieve key project Milestones.

Reference Projects

Fully automatic assembly of a blood-pressure transducer

Filling and testing an IVD cartridge

Fully automated assembly and testing of flush valves


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