XENIOS, the smart software solution for complex
automation requirements.

The combination of classic machine control and master computer enables precisely controllable and reliable production processes. From equipment configuration to Internet-of-Things applications, XENIOS comes with a comprehensive range of features. A flexible module system and multiple interfaces provide the digital basis for excellent manufacturing results.


Benefits at a glance

  • Time and cost reductions by equipment configuration in one system
  • Traceability and intelligent troubleshooting
  • Increased productivity through optimized process control
  • Minimization of downtimes due to intelligent machine analysis
  • Versatility through flexible module system

Features & Modules

•  Machine & production data acquisition    Event handling & alarm statistics  •  Individual user profiles & dashboards  •  Online process visualization  •  Responsive web interface  •  Connection to the XENON Service Portal  •  Material tracking  •  Single actuator control  •  Process data collection  •  Job handling  •  User administration
•  Recipe management


Ready for IoT – The baseline for Big Data applications

XENIOS simplifies monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks in manufacturing. The smart software solution communicates in real time and submits job data and production status automatically to higherlevel manufacturing execution systems (MES). This ensures an up-to-date process data, increases the added value of the entire production planning and provides the ideal environment for long-term optimizations using Big Data Analysis.

From smartphones to stationary monitors, the web-based, user-friendly and responsive HMI transmits information to each end device. Customized views provide transparency and help operators monitor all process-relevant data.